New Deal String Band cd

“Dealing a New Hand”

The New Deal String Band was formed in 1966 by Tom Paley and Joe Locker, two banjo-and-guitar playing ex New Yorkers living in London. The band was active  for many years with various fiddle players and then went into hibernation until the 1990’s when Tom’s son Ben took up the fiddler’s slot.

Tom, who has been playing guitar and banjo since the 1940’s, was a founder member of  the New Lost City Ramblers. Both Tom and Joe have graced the UK scene with their authentic Old Timey music for many years and this CD is well overdue.

It features a wealth (22 tracks!) drawn from various sources such s Charlie Poole and the North Carolina Ramblers, Cliff Carlisle, Uncle Dave Macon and Fiddling Arthur Smith, to name but a few, and every single one is a joy to the ear, exhibiting great banjo and guitar picking, fantastic fiddling and down home  vocalising. No self respecting collection of old timey music could call itself complete without this CD. Get it now!

WARNING: These are only low quality clips so they will download quickly, the original sound is, of course, very much better, but you will get the  flavour!


Track  listing:

1: Hogeye 2: Rain and Snow 3: Didn’t he ramble  4: Done Gone 5: The Tenderfoot 6: Chinquapin/The Puncheon Floor 7: Methodist Pie  8: The Baltimore Fire  9: Sal’s Got a Meatskin 10: Old Reuben  11: George Collins 12: Goodbye Miss Liza 13: Jordan is a hard road  14: Georgia Camp  Meeting 15: Midnight on the Water/Bonaparte’s Retreat 16: Penney’s Farm 17: Blow Ye Winds 18: Fly Around 19: Mineola Rag  20: Old Shoes and  Leggings 21: Rattlesnake Mountain  22: Bound to ride

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